Sunday, July 10, 2016

My personal website

Ive published a website outlining the things I do now. Little  is not so little now. This blog is a beautiful trip down memory lane of the wonder filled first 8 years of his life, and my life as a mother. Now I am ready to get on with some other things that I have developed a passion for since becoming a mum.
I never expected that our travels to Vietnam when he was so young, and my discovery of my love for sketching and street food would have me in a place where I now am able to offer you all my services as a tour guide. I am excited to show you what I've learned, the fabulous places I've sketched in, and the delicious food I've eaten. Most interestingly, the connections I've formed over the years by going to the markets with a sketch book and a small child, have connected me to the women in the markets, the mothers, the families and the vendors on a deep and satisfying level.
I am taking Vietnamese language classes, primarily to enrich my relationships with the locals, and to understand the culture more thoroughly. I have learnt how to cook all my favourite Vietnamese dishes. My love for Vietnam and its people has grown stronger over the years, and its my pleasure to show you how wonderful, friendly delicious and exciting this country is.
Ive also listed my artwork and craftwork for sale, and connected all my social media to my website as a place where all that I do comes together in one place. Please go and have a look. I intend to add more content as time allows, and more details on my personal and group tours as they develop.
My website Art Food Culture
my personal family journal has been on Facebook since 2013, around the same time I stopped blogging here. This is the link. I hope to get them off Facebook and put them all here one day soon. If that doesn't happen, then go here.
Ive also got a private instagram account for freinds and family: messyfish1

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