Friday, January 16, 2009

His back!

Maxy the Dog was lost! But then we found him locked in the shed all night.... i suspect that a small child pulled down the rollerdoor and Maxy the Dog was still in there. We looked all over the neighbourhood for him, left a bowl of food out for him, and worried all night! What a good dog Maxy the Dog is. He did not even bark, but what a shame he did not, because we would have found him earlier! Poor Maxy....

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Jo Fong said...

oh I'm so glad he came back! i read your 'lost' post and was so sad for you (and him!)

i've wanted a dog since i was little and the first thing my partner and i will do when we move into a pet friendly home is get a boxer (just like the one his family has always had back in colombia)

also i'd love to see some of your 2am pose maniac sketches one day :)