Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday

Happy cactus Monday! I am late (its Tuesday here), but I was very sick with some terrible lurgy that mr messyfish brought home with him from India. (Dehli Belly in Sydney?). I wanted to draw last night, but alas, I was spending time driving the big white bus. So here is a little sketch I did while grandma messyfish minded baby messyfish this morning...


Teri C said...

So, the good news is, Mr M. is home but the bad news is, he brought you an illness. But at least he is home!!

Lovely little sketch. Thank goodness for grandparents.


Julie said...

Oh, I sure hope you are feeling better! This looks kinda like a big pot of aloes I have in my screenroom!!!

Very nice!

Happy Cactus monday Mrs. Messyfish!!!

melanielee said...

Oh yukky sicks, rest n water for you.
Im getting my new printer and wacom this week.
Yahoooooooo, very excited.
I think also i am a tableaholice, i have a drafting table, a card making table, a writing table, a drawing n painting table...and at Steve's I have a table too, I convinced him to get a sewing table...he made one'
Now i just need a screen printing table.
After years of mummying and of keeping stuff in a box and unpacking and packing it away off dining table all the time...no more.
I love drumming, getting a djebe tomorrow nite.
How cool is that?
Hope you feel better soon xox

messyfish said...

mel, you are so lucky, but what is a djebe?

Bella Sinclair said...

So sorry you were violently ill. :( But I'm glad you are feeling better enough to fit in another great cactus.

Flying Colors said...

Ok I looked up lurgy and this is what I found:
an illness that is not serious but passes easily from person to person... is that what you have? Hope so!

I hope baby Messy Fish is Ok... You are a champ even got the cactus posted after all and the healing kind... Nice drawing!

Hope you get well quick and soon! Happy Cactus Tuesday :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Cactus Monday MF. I really like the sketch. I hope you are feeling better by now and Baby Messy Fish doesn't get what is ailing you.

messyfish said...

Teri, Yes! you are right...grandparents have saved my sanity more than once

julie...this is aloe vera. I forgot to label it. I have been using it alot on all the mozzie bites we are getting at present with the humid weather....not sure it is a cactus though? but did it anyway!
thanks Bella
yes Flying Colors lisa, I think it is almost passed now. baby messyfish is getting better too,
and Greenbow lisa unfortunately, baby did get it, i am still breastfeeding, so he seems to get everything that I get :-(

yoon see said...

Really beautiful.
Love the colours and the magical splashes that made it so beautiful!
Sorry, I am late for this post...very busy lately.
Exam weeks for my students.

Serena said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick....tummy bugs are not nice. Great little sketch though.