Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Creative Space

This week my creative space has had a makeover. It was my art desk, and now my "brand new, been used twice now to do straight stitch sewing machine" has taken pride of place. I have renamed my art room the "sewing room"...even though I cant sew (BUT learning!). Also you can see:
*a drawing by Mel from Threads of Conscience (she played in my sewing room, whist I was in the main house breastfeeding baby messyfish to sleep)
*my new (few) Prismacolor pencils ( I am buying them one by one), and some green Derwent pencils
* A pile of Mels handmade cards
* a list of things to do and presents to make and taxes to pay

Whats in your creative space today? You can play along by going to Kirstys blog Kootoyoo


Christy said...

I love your creative space!Everything on that table is just inspiring!

littlelovelies said...

looks good... & looks like you've been busy too!

x nadine
little lovelies

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your space is so nice and neat. You are totally inspired no doubt. My space on the other hand is a mess. I have stuff piled upon piles. UGH...not conducive to creativity.

Kirsty said...

A guest in the creative space is just fabulous. How wonderful to share your space with a clever friend.

yoon see said...

Wow! You have got a cool, neat and creative space Messy Fish!
You really inspired me:)

amity ville boronia said...

So bright and pretty!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Ok. A creative space like that would stay clean...ohhh...about one hour in my house. I wanna come play with your toys!

JooJoo said...

Your creative space is so cute and organized! :) I also love your wall color! So happy!

Sally said...

Messyfish! I am back on the blogging and am catching up on your posts - beautiful as always.

Would you like to swap postal addresses so that we may send goodie swaps by post? Old fashioned but fun I think.

No longer Froghopkins - now marshmallow beanie

Julie said...

You know, are VER GOOD WITH COLORED PENCILS! Love the finsihed mussel on your side bar!!!

Try you hand at doing a round item aphabetical sketch...start with A...I am doing my "BREASTS" today at some point...will post them tonight! :)

Caroline said...

It's so good to have your own creative space! I just love mine - will try to post some pics sometime!