Thursday, April 01, 2010

Play Room

When I saw this playroom on Ariella's blog Magic Childhood I could not sleep! How could I recreate something like this for little messyfish???(with no income now) I have been researching and finding out a lot about Waldorf since Little Messyfish was born. We donated 3 big boxes of plastic toys to Vinnes the other day (they had been out of circulation, but what was the point of keeping them?)! I am keeping toys that are open ended, beautiful, and made from natural materials. I have noticed that there is no black or dark colours in this room....I love the rainbow colours,natural wood playstands and the gorgeous playsilks!

I have a large painting that I dont really like.

In the new home, we wont have the great big windows that this room has, but I can paint a huge rainbow over that painting! I had better do it now, whilst I still have the room. (and the time...Mr messyfish has taken Little Messyfish to Montessori toddler parent play morning) Alas...and how sad, it will probably be the last time, unless I can find one close by to the new home.

Currently this is one of Little messyfish's play areas. (yes we keep it neat and set up for him where possible)



Your play area is wonderful. Thanks for posting my photo!
Love to you!

PAK ART said...

This looks like a fun play station. Once I had a job where I could bring my kids to work. I brought in huge brightly colored pillows, coloring books, crayons all on a bright colored rug. It was so wonderful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Little Messy's play area looks great. The other playroom looks awfully busy. How can ones imagination soar through all that stuff.? Pretty though.

Anonymous said...

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