Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breathing out...

Frosty mornings and early fog.

Out the lounge window a rose with delicious scent.

Mismatched tea cups and wholefoods.

(Dodgy iPhone pics... But it took me a while to find the camera charger. Lots of boxes still to unpack.)


Lynn said...

interesting photos...like your cup collection. Ours are so mixed matched, they all come from somewhere special though or remind us of something we did or of someone else.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to hear that you have moved. I hope you get settled in quickly.

kellyi said...


It looks perfect. I love the rose, and the sunshine, and the cups.

I love it all, dodgy Iphone pic and every thing.

sheree said...

Welcome Back!
I have missed reading your blog (I've been checking ever since Sunday in hope ... lol)
Hope the move went well and that you aren't too swamped by boxes.
I love the pic of the gum
leaves. Stress less about the iphone pics - they are fine :)


Are these shots at your new home? Very curious about this new place!

Julie said...

Hi Messy! Glad you are in the new place...just still unpacking! Glad you got your internet up so quickly! Yeah!!! Missed ya for a whole week!!!