Monday, June 07, 2010

Every Day Matters # 6

Every Day Matters challenge number #6 is to draw your favourite childhood toy.
Yep! Its Snooooooopy. I loooove him. I played and played and played with him. I still have all his outfits too. He is currently in his train drivers outfit. Guess he is now what we would call "vintage". Little messyfish has been playing with him. When he woke up this morning he asked for "thnoop?" "thnoop?" "thnoop?" "thnoop?"
I said I put him on my desk so I could draw him. He got out of bed, went to my desk, got his crayons and sketch book, and brought them all back to bed. He then said "draw" "draw""draw""draw". So I did. But big fat block crayons are not my thing, so I have drawn him again with my coloured pencils.


Empty Daze said...

Aaawwww.... I still have my Snoopy too. He has a red nightgown and cap and his red baron outfit with leather jacket and helmet w/ flying glasses. I still love him even if his ears aren't currently attached to his body.

melanie Lee said...

He's adorable and so is your Snoopy' so very cute'
I can feel the love' ohhhh thnoopy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is too cute. I can just see you and LMF drawing.

Julie said...

Is this your crayon version or your pencil one??? Ilike this one...nice and loosely chunky! He is so cute!!!