Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sleep riding

Sleeping on the ride home from Playgroup. It was a big morning!
Look at that view! It's a tough life but somebody has to live it.... Hee hee hee


Julie said...

Oh my...what a sweet sleeping angel!!!!!

ecoMILF said...


Marshmallow Beanie said...

What a darling little angel - wish I could sleep like that! Thank you for your lovely message on my blog - I have been meaning to write back but I have chronic flu. Fingers crossed my nose stops running soon! Will let you know about that scanner!!!


Anonymous said...

That's ADORABLE!!! xox

Anne said...

That's so cute!...:)

You asked me how the cooking circle worked. There was a flyer up at the food co-op bill board - that is how I found out about it. We just turn up. The lady who runs it must have had some sort of funding from somewhere. She cooks, we help her, have a chat about food, have a laugh, then eat. The food is supplied by the lady who runs it.

The idea is to help mothers plan affordable meals that you can cook in bulk, freeze some of it and also use food out of your vegie patch.

I'm still trying to get my head around it. But it is good fun. We made meat and vegeterian Lasagna today and we all most buggered it up because we were laughing and talking too much. We also made beetroot salsa (which was delicious) even though we were in freezing Blackheath...LOL

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can tell LMF had a blast at his playgroup. He is tuckered out.