Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Day Sunday

There is a large local buddhist monestry about 30 mins bike ride from our home. How lucky are we!?
 we went for a long walk with the monks through the bush
There are statues and temples and beautiful gardens spreading over 100 acres
We all shared a lunch with the monks and others attending the talks outside under the trees. The message I heard was to "think positively, speak positively and act positively". Many other things were shared too.
the bells were rung and they echoes throughout the whole valley
We woke this morning to the most beautiful frosts covering the paddocks. I dreamt last night of snowboarding down the slopes. A trip to the snow is not far away.....


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an interesting day. I have never been around any Buddahist monks. I don't think of Australia as being a snowy country. Where will you go?

PAK ART said...

being positive is the only way to go through life! I feel so sad for those whose lives are filled with strife, pessimism, anger, bitterness, etc. And it just requires a change on the inside to choose to be positive instead of negative.

Julie said...

What an awesome treasure to have so close by.

Cheryl said...

That sounds like an uplifting day. I consider myself a positive person, but there are times I could rephrase what I'm saying. Thanks for the reminder.