Friday, September 10, 2010

Piles of dirt and sand

I couldn't resist. I live on a farm and there is plenty of places to dig.... But I wanted a sand pit for little messyfish. A natural one. No plastic.

I used the billycart to bring big logs up to the sandpit that I found around in the paddocks.

Plastic free digging and playing things.

Lots of shells and rocks for the sand pit.

Little messyfish LOVES it.

Big pile of dirt for the vege patch. Not too much. If I can handle this much then I will expand as i need to.

I used stakes to prop up a second hand sleeper. A layer cardboard, compost, lucern straw, soil, then topped with more straw. I will leave it to settle for a bit then plant by the moon. I need to research what to plant when.... But biodynamic is my goal.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun for spring. So much to look forward to this summer. The sand pit looks like fun to me too.

ang said...

hi ~! love glimpsing in on you country residers..reminds me of home. baby goats born looking so clean and soft and the 'heal' basket idea ! LOVEE the sandpit , esp plastic free. big shell scoops....he can build a sandcastle anytime now! xoxoxx

Lynn said...

I love this natural sand pit. What fun. Such a sweet child to dream up these adventures for and with.

Vic said...

Looks like lots of fun!!! Boys love to dig don't they? Can't wait to see how the garden goes. Vic xx

Julie said...