Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Spring babies

Spring is here! Darling sweet calves. Beef cattle. Makes me want to be a vegetarian.

Wool felt healing heart for the healing basket. Full of natural remedies like tea tree oil, pawpaw cream, lavender water spray, Winnie the pooh bandaids etc. Let's little messyfish learn that he can go to me, and also learn how to take care of himself when he hurts himself. Inspired by soule mamma. If you have never used 100% wool felt before, I recommend you try it. Its much thicker, warmer to touch and luxurious. I buy mine from Winterwood. I will never use acrylic again!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

AAawwwwww aren't they cute. When you think of those big watery eyes looking at you...yes, one could just eat veggies. Happy Spring.

Julie said...

Good idea for a healing basket!!! The 100% wool must be devine!!!

arianne said...

I love your healing basket. What is pawpaw cream?

sara said...

Calves are so cute, love your advice about the wool