Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tulip time!

Its Tulip Time in the Southern Highlands. We went along to the spring festival today. It was beautiful, and Little messyfish loved it.  Little kids are so connected to nature and the seasons. I like to support it as much as possible.
For more nature inspired parenting and Steiner(Waldorf) crafts go check out The Magic onions.


Donna said...

oh the colour of those tulips. just beautiful. i too love how children are so connected with nature and the seasons.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It seems so odd to read about your tulip time when the asters are beginning to bloom here. I love tulip time too. Happy Spring.

Julie said...

Thanks for your ultra supportive comment on my blog! I do like being less well off than before, in many respects. We live frugally normally, but I have tightened up even further. I have been making bread, but then I eat it too...have gained 5 pounds in the last 4 months of making it! Yikes!!! :)

Julie said...

Yes, tulips are a spring flower and it seems all backwards to us in the U.S! They sure are beautiful, adn I am glad you and Little M had a good time at the festival. He is gonna be a nature lover his whole life, on that you can be sure!!!

Evelyn said...

Hey Messyfish
Just dropping by to say hello. Hope you are well. I love your colourful photos.
Regards, Ev