Friday, March 11, 2011

Around our home

Late tomatoes ripening. Ox heart, Roma, and grosse lizzie.

Chick pea soaking. Hummous is a favourite round here. Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage seedling ready to go into the vege garden.

Chicken stock bubbling away. It's soup season again.

Our table is full of autumn colours. Gorgeous red and yellow roses. Thanks mr messyfish xxx.

Lots of walks again now the sun is not so hot. Lots of seed pods to be found.

Rainbows painted on rainy days.

Bliss balls made with almonds, coconut, dates, coconut oil, rice syrup, vanilla, and carob.

Another batch of homemade muesli.


Serena said...

Great photos! Those bliss balls look delicious!

Julie said...

How good, all of it! I am now very jealous though, having just gone back to work full time. I miss spending time with the grandkids, and my garden and birds...but will still have weekends!!! It's all still good (I think).....

Anonymous said...

instead of letting all those tomatoes could try making fried green tomatoes. yum! oh, and i would love to have the recipe for your bliss balls. they look delish!