Friday, March 11, 2011


The lush green grasses have yellowed. The skies are grey and thundery. The winds are blowing. We have made little messyfish a kite. I am thinking about pumpkin soup. Walnut and sage bread. Mushroom rissotto. Apple cake. Where possible we eat seasonally and source it locally.
Little messyfish is more independant. He is experiencing the world. Some people are so kind. A stranger gave him raspberries as she picked them from her plot in the local community garden. Her son took him on an adventure and showed him all the things that were growing!
A 5 year old girl hit him and said she hated him and tried to get her friends to hurt him too. Her friend came up to me and said somewhat suprised "his not a bad boy!". I agreed. I didn't know that bullies were as young as 5. Nor that bullying could come completely unprovoked.
It's hard to be a parent. It's also the most joyful thing I have ever done.


angelina said...

sending you a great big hug.x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful sketch. Bullies are a sad state of affairs. Shocking that they are 5 years old. Kids see too much of this on tv. TV is a bad thing for children especially. They are rarely monitored.

Serena said...

That's a beautiful painting!

I hate bullies as they can do so much damage emotionally. I hope your son doesn't have to deal with any more of it. Aaron has dealt with different bullies all through primary school. His teacher said bullies are attracted to quiet, nonconfrontational kids like Aaron because they are an easy target. Thankfully, each time I've reported it, the school has acted and the bullying did stop. I sure hope schools start coming down much harder on bullies because it seems out of control at times.