Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I've been busy

Swimming everyday in the pool at the local health club.

Meditating and praying

Having lunch with the monks at the local monastry

Observing nature and enjoying the changes in the season.

Hanging out with my two favourite males.

Getting up at dawn now that little messyfish goes to bed alot earlier.

Being still, growing, bending changing, practicing openess... Remembering that being a parent is not about controlling the child. Or forcing limits and boundries upon them. It's about giving them a happy childhood. Its about trusting their intuition. It's about maintaining a relationship with them where there is mutual trust and respect. A happy childhood lasts forever. When in doubt choose what gives them the most joy...


melanie said...

OMIGOD Annnnnnnna what a brilliant and amazing real life you have, just beautiful, earthy and blessed xox enjoy!!! :-)))

Umatji said...

sounds wonderful!

angelina said...

oh anna, i am so struggling with all of this . moving can be hard, so hard, on children and the adults. its frustrating and not always easy to find a groove pattern that all can fold themselves into. i wish i were able to do more of these things that you do. they all look so wonderful. i love your insight. thank you, great way to start my day.love, angelina xx