Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Big school

Little messyfish and I went for a walk the other day. He noticed a "biiiiiigggg bird". It was an eagle. It was very close. I have never seen one fly so close before. I was thinking it might want to swoop down and steal my son! When I got over the fear, I was able to marvel at the magical experience. We then continued our walk down to the river. We climbed down the sandy bank, and I noticed the blackberry bushes were all laden with ripe fruit. It was a hot day, so off came the shoes (a good look for red belly black snakes first) and we sat on a mossy submerged log and picked and ate blackberries. Spotting dragonflies, swiping at march flies, and itching our mozzie bites. It was heaven. We went to "Blackberry Land". Its our favourite spot now.... that sandy spot in blackberry land. Lets GO!
We ate Spaghetti Aio e oio for lunch and later danced to the "Frida" soundtrack. Who says the country is bogan? Not here at Big School.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What excitement seeing an Eagle up close. Your son is too large for it to try to get. Besides they like fish, snakes, rabbits etc. Things that don't fight back. Not big strong boys.

Julie said...

Blackberry cobbler comes to mind! These are my most fav fruit, I believe! Wish I had some for our green shakes in the mornings!!!