Thursday, March 03, 2011

Baking day

Bliss balls made with almond meal, coconut, organic carob, and dates. Cane sugar free.

Wheat flour soaked in homemade keffir for 24 hrs, baked with a homemade sugarfree locally grown plum jam, and
Wholewheat organic bread. Toasted with butter and vegemite.


Ariad said...

Oh, YUM! Your baking always makes me sooo hungry :-)

Umatji said...

hoo baking day indeed, i do have to get going on the keffir. i use whey but keffir seems to be the next step,

Diana Evans said...

oh yummy!!! too bad we live across the other side of the Earth Anna!!! these look scrumptious!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!