Friday, May 13, 2011


Victorian alps! We made it.... Camp is set up. It's freeeezing.

Little messyfish has been in the van the whole time. I don't blame him. It's so lovely and warm in there. We brought a big volume of golden books from vinnies for 30c. It's been entertaining him for hours. He has even started to ask me what the letters are. It's his first attempt to read! I hope he becomes a reader. There is so much fun, fantasy and escapism in books. But if he isn't, no worries.I will support him in whatever he likes (I hope!)

Personally, I am a big fan of mossy rocks, microcosm's, and fairy hideaways...

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Julie said...

Hi Messy!!! What a fun camping trip! Sorry it was so cold!!! Yikes! The warm van looked very good. hehehe.
Don't know how I have been not getting updates that you have posted. Will look back and see what I've missed!