Friday, July 22, 2011

Winter cheeriness

We ripped strips of tissue paper and stuck them to contact paper. I cut some frames from our sturdy (300gsm) watercolour paintings. I just love using little messyfish's waldorf inspired watercolour paintings for making things. Frames and boxes are the most popular conversions. Preconcieved craft projects have never been much of a success with little messyfish. He has a particularly strong aversion to being told what to do. This isn't a problem with me. His ideas are wonderful, and I learn so much from him. The scrunchy textured one hanging on the right is his! It's actually my favourite!!


Lynn said...

You are such creative artists. I love coming here to see what's new.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yep, he is defintely out of the box thinker. He is a good artist already. It seems odd to read "winter" when I am roasting here in 98F weather. I could use a good dose of winter right now.

Anne said...


I like to make star lanterns from my kids water colour pictures, cards and wraping paper.