Monday, September 24, 2012

Cabramatta moon festival

We walked slowly in the crowd through the masses to 'enjoy" the moon festival in Cabramatta, Sydney. 

Ao dai were to be seen. I love these dresses. If only I had a waist!

crowded and pushed and shoved!
But we went home early. I believe that 90,000 people attend this festival. I was expecting rows of food stalls, and lots of cultural events. All we got was masses of people, and it made it hard to buy food or drink, or to sit and rest. All the restaurants were full, and we left earlier than expected. I am glad I went though. Little messyfish gave it a big thumbs up! He got to buy a bunch of toys and have a jump on a jumping castle. The worst part of the whole thing, were the aussie buskers. So loud and annoying. They were responsible for the noise pollution that tipped me over the edge.

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Julie said...

The crowds looked absolutely gastly!!! I know Little M had a good time!!!