Sunday, September 16, 2012

crafty goodness

 We sat outside in our undercover craft area and played with earth clay. Little messy fish mainly just bashed it with a meat mallet and cut it with a pastry scraper. I made nature impressions on medallions. I intent to string them up as a mobile when dry. Little messyfish was fascinated by the imprints, and helped to find things and loved to press them into the clay.
 closeup of the imprints. Tiny daisy's, and leaves. 
 Its all things ocean still here in the messy fish house. Eric carle's book A House For A Hermit Crab is a favourite. I got the idea for this craft from Pinterest. As the hermit crab moves through the months of the year, it collects others things in the ocean to decorate its "plain" shell. We painted the background together, learning about mixing colours. Its painted on a recycled cardboard box.
 Then it was all about cutting, sticking and glueing. We told stories and made up adventures as we did this together.

I know little messyfish loves numbers and jellyfish. He also loves to cut and staple. This was a perfect craft for him. He was able to cut along the lines I drew between the numbers, to make the little squares at the feet of the jellyfish. No glue or sticky mess for this craft. A great finishing up activity before dinner last night. He plays with the stapler and small bits of paper now, as I upload this post!


Julie said...

Neat projects! I love the imprinted medallions! Will love to see the finished mobile! The under the sea idea is tremendous! Will try this with the grand kids...they love cutting and they can use foam shapes to glue on...great idea!

Julie said...

P.S. It's no wonder I love the underwater craft...I adore Eric Carle! Will have to get this book for Emily!!! Thanks for showing!