Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Natural Playspace

made by rolling cut logs up from the paddock nearby, and having the local quarry deliver 3/4 ton of washed sand.  I added the mud pit and surrounded it with bush rocks. We both dug up the grass to get to the "mud" using a hoe.

racking the leaves from the top of the mud pit after a cold and and windy winter

well positioned under trees for natural shade in summer, and abundance of our favourite things BUGS in spring, and loads of birds, even a nest and watching the process of them hatching!

the water source is the rainwater tank down the little hill. far enough away to create lots of extra movement,  learning about carrying and transporting water too.

old kitchen utensils, baskets of shells, rocks, glass marbles for creative fun around the sandpit

we will fill these hanging baskets up again this season with favourite flowers and strawberry plants

bamboo stakes from the local gardening centre make great pipes for water runs into the mud pit

trees to climb in and to sit and ponder life after a busy day in the mud pie kitchen, chairs to sit in or room to spread a picnic rug

the ultimate though is the little river and swimming hole a few minutes walk through the paddocks. the ever changing water levels and sand banks provide a rich learning environment, and there is absolutely no maintenance! However the sandpit and mud pie kitchen are right near the washing line and vegetable garden in our fenced yard, so little messyfish gets to play if he is not interested in gardening and washing with mum. bliss.


jenny @ let the children play said...

I love it = it just goes to show how simple creating something magical for children can be :)

Julie said...

This is just beautiful! I must do it! I had just seen a bunch of cut logs about 5 blocks away too! That would have been good, if I'd had a way to get them home!