Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Fun

 Its spring time. Oh My! Did we make it? Are we still all alive? Its been a harsh winter. The winds have blown hard and the cold has been relentless.
 Time to dip our feet into the little river down on the back paddock. What a blessing to have an amazing resource for so many things. We get out water plants here for the fish tank, eat blackberries and watch dragonflies.We dig sand castles and look for platypus.
here we are preparing the  mud pit and mudpie kitchen after a winter of hardly being used. raking the leaves, and resorting "kitchen ingredients".
 Yes! Hoooooray! my favourite way to be. Barefoot....
 Planting snowpeas around a tee pee we made from salvaged branches. I hope it grows to be a great big shelter full of delicious snow peas!
Balancing and playing outside again, without wishing we were inside because its so cold and windy! Ahhhh spring. Happy days.


Karen Lee said...

I LOVE the snow pea tee pee! Can't wait for follow up photos :)

Julie said...

That tee pee of peas will be so awesome! You are making me wonder about transforming a place out in back yard to a sort of natural hideaway for the grand kids to play. I have always wanted to do it, but with work and all, never had time.