Monday, September 10, 2012

The Pool

When I was in Vietnam, on my birthday I decided to treat myself with a swim in a hotel pool. I knew that when not staying in a 5 star hotel, often the 5 star hotels will offer a daily package where I can pay a small amount to use the facilities. This was the case in Kolkata, so I asked my home stay host about that deal in Vietnam. We were lucky to find a monthly deal at this pool. We rode our bikes everyday, enjoyed the 5 star facilities, then rode back home to enjoy our $10 a night authentic family living, food and company.
I am currently sorting out all my photos and journals now I have a new computer. I have not had my own computer for 3 years. Sharing with Mr Messyfish has been nice, but also frustrating. Now I have a large memory so I can store all my pictures, and get organised. Its super exciting for this compulsive list writer to be making folders and files and lists. Cleaning up bookmarks, contacts and old flickr accounts.  Its a big 'ol mess right now, but I am in the "spring cleaning" mode right now, and it feels good!

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Julie said...

How neat!!!!!