Thursday, September 06, 2012

little messyfish loves life

We have been very busy doing life. We have been camping with friends, visiting museums, aquariums, the zoo and wildlife parks. Been to the snow for a snow boarding holiday, attended winter festivals, joined in on kinder music, kinder gym, Steiner playgroups, home ed playgroups and dropped them all again. We have had pet bugs, pet snails, almost bought a pet rabbit, considered moving back to the suburbs, booked another trip to Vietnam, researched a trip to Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Bought a new ipad, imac and ipod, borrowed zillions of books and dvd's from the library, purchased heaps of secondhand toys from the op shops and the recycle centres, done heaps of science experiments, painting, craft and baking. We saw the ballet at Sydney Opera house, walked through Sydney botanical gardens, enjoyed a play at the local theatre put on by the youth group. Dabbled in montessori activities, played with the workshop tools, been on nature walks, dug in the sand by the river, been to the indoor swimming pool, indoor play centre, local playgroup, skateparks with the push bike, to the city, to little Vietnam, Chinatown and little India. Met with our city friends, had visitors to our house, visited grandma, been bushwalking and made bunyips with play dough. We have turned into night owls, and have settled into our own unique rhythm. We are happy and have everything we need. Life is good.

I have been off my art and craft, and blogging. I wonder why!? But I am really enjoying making abstracts with coloured pencils...


Julie said...

My guys HAVE been busy! We have tried but haven't done quite as much since the grandkids went to summer camp. You got some new electronics!!! I got daughter a new IPOD 3, and myself a new Kindle Touch. I love it. The basic reader was all i needed since my smart phone does the rest. I am so cheap i upload only the free books from Amazon!!! Lol. Loads of fun, though.

Love all your abstract art. Have you ever given embroidery a go??? It is neat...freeform or pattern. I'm enjoying it for now.

Keep on enjoying everything!!!!!!!

aimee said...

hi miss messyfish! looks like you have been more than busy! nice to be back in touch! xo