Friday, February 10, 2012

Vietnam (17) day 14 (10.2.2012)

"Wooozer! We almost didnt go to vinpearl land today, but so glad we did! Little messy fish loved the cable car ride. Its the longest cable car ride in the world, and goes from the southern part of Nha Trang on the mainland, to the island, that is known as Vinpearl Land. He was very upset that I would not let him on the 6 story high direct drop waterslide. I knew that even if I went down holding him, the horror would be life altering. He was 3 for hecks sack! All i could think of were the reviews that I had read about waterslides in Vietnam. It mentions that they were not all well designed, the safety was not great and alot of people were seen rubbing there heads after coming off a ride! All I could think of is that if we went flying down that ride, he would be drowned by the time we got to the bottom, and I would be bleeding from somewhere! It terrified me. I do however look forward to going down that slide by myself, when Mr messyfish comes with us to Vietnam on my next trip. I love scary rides. Ive previously signed up to year memberships at Sydneys Luna Park, for unlimited visits. I actually never went once I sighned up, but the intention was there. Vinpearl land really impressed me. It was about $20 to enter, then all the rides were free. There was a great big kids pool, with lots of water slides, a dumping bucket of water, and cute water creatures all around. the best part was that it was all about knee high, so messyfish had a ball. he was able to be independent. It is a car free island too, so we were able to walk freely finally! He could run ahead, and explore! It was so relaxing to be able to walk and look around and enjoy being in my body. It was lovely not having to be hyper vigilant, and to be able to give little messyfish a break from the constant restrictions that I was imposing on him. Around the water slide area was a "lazy river". We hopped into a big tube, and just lay back. The "river" propelled us gently around the entire area, and we got to see what was going on around the park was floating gently in the artificial river. What a great design. I am hooked on water parks! As we walked around the wide paved paths, loud music blared from speakers. Little messyfish would bop and dance. It was hilarious. We bought lunch there too, and carried our tray to a lovely water side undercover eating area that had nobody in it. We ate in peace and watched the sea. Ahhhh. If we had more time, we could have lazed on the beach too. The large aquarium on vinpearl land was wonderful too. It was interesting, and had glass tunnels with a moving walkway so we could view all the sea creatures. So whilst $20 was expensive for an outing in Vietnam, it was REALLY cheap considering all that was available. Cable car ride, water park, beachside cafes, and aquarium. There were also a whole bunch of rides and roller coasters too. Little messyfish was too small for most of them, and the rides for the little kids were mostly not operating. I look forward to returning! I have no pictures from that day, because i did not take my camera. I did not realise that I would be able to hire a locker there, so when we grabbed a cab to the entrance of Vinpearl land, I only took cash in my pocket, and we wore our swimsuits. There are plently of pictures on the internet of Vinpearl Land, so check them out.
take a seat! We are going to stay in Nha trang for a bit...

The weather was the most perfect ever, with sea breezes, things to do with children and fabulous food and amenities. give me that chair, we want to stay a while

That night, I walked to the same busy roadside food stall for dinner, with the rice, pork, egg and pickled veg. It was so delicous I was looking forward to eating it all afternoon. Little messyfish did not eat again, but he did have a hot dog and chips for lunch, and some bread and cornflakes for breakfast. I really wish he would eat fruit and vegetables. He was getting skinny again. He was breastfeeding more than usual, I suspect to comfort him through all the change, so i knew that he was getting nourishment from somewhere! On our walk to dinner, he said to me that he want to stay in this place for a long time, and that he did not want to go back home. I was suprised at this, because it felt like all i was doing was screaming at him to stop running and to come back and to hold my hand all the time. I guess a fun day at Vinpearl land and all was forgiven. I also think that I am particularly sensitive to being mean to my kid. I dont like it, and if i cant be helping him to do what he wants, I feel like I am not doing a good enough job. I dont want to be the mum who controls my child. Instead I want to be the mum that says yes. I want to find a place we can go where I can say Yes! Run! Enjoy!
Why does Little messy fish like this crazy place where I say NO! STOP! all the time? Where he doesnt like the food, and where there are people always pinching him, asking him questions and teasing him? Oh My! The vietnamese love to tease children. they think its hilarious.
He needs more stimulation. He is ready. He spent the whole day out and loved it. I need more community. I need more real life freinds. Time to move again I think. Time for Mittagong perhaps? there I can craft, and write and do art and garden and celebrate festivals. Little messyfish can enrol in the preschool there for the day if he wants too. It would be good for him and me and mr messy fish. It would be closer to mum too.
Today was the first day where I have had hardly any anxiety, and where i have had fun and enjoyed my time in Vietnam. I had no idea that I was going to fill up my journal with writing, and Ive done hardly any art. Ive been busy researching, checking, "studying for my exam!", hoping to pass the lonely Planet tests? Another big waste of my time, another block to my art and creative pursuits. Ive decide to stay another week here to settle down, especially now that little messyfish says that he wants to stay. Then after that I will go to Hoi An. Then hanoi and Luang Prabung and Chaing Mai, or Sapa and Mai Chau. Well, all or none of those places...I am not sure now about anything. And what about Angkor? I need to do another mini plan. Mid february- Nha Trang, march- Hoi An, Mid March- Hanoi and Halong Bay and Sapa, April- Luang Prabang, Mid April- Hanoi and fly out as per my booked ticket.

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