Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vietnam (18) day 15 (11.2.2012)

Pinched and teased constantly by Vietnamese women

Lots of interesting things to see for little messy fish, this is a live seafood tank in a restaurant

giant round baskets filled with seafood and ice make impressive displays at night, when the tourists are looking for a restaurant

"Wow two weeks. Nothing much to say. A bit sad really that i dont really have any real friends that I miss or miss me. People hardly ever visit us, I could be anywhere doing anything, and it wouldnt make much difference to anyone. My online friends are still there. Thats all fine and the same, as the beauty of online friends are that it doesnt matter where in the world we are, the relationship stays constant.
I am in the hotel room. We have TV, air-conditioning, hot water and WiFi. There is plentiful cheap food and drinks and entertainment on the street downstairs and now what? All our basic needs have been met. I will do some abstract art. doodling. It will help me to connect to me. Because I am tired today and so is little messy fish. I want a quiet day "at home". I am pondering the questions: What do I want? How can I change things for the better? What do I need and want? Its almost mid day and we are still in our hotel room. I have a sore throat and am tired from yesterday and last night. I will do art now and see what happens. I do need to go out for food, and a coffee would be nice....
a restaurant near our hotel, with prices especially for rich tourists. that little blue cart in the background is where i would pay $1.30 for my breakfast. The best is Nha Trang!

little cafe and food stalls for the locals and budget minded travellers like myself, right on the street.

Nha Trang street in the tourist area, pavements chock full of motorbikes, mean that humans have to walk on the streets

So we went out and got a coffee and some ice-cream, then I got some lunch. I decided to go a little further this time. I didnt have the greatest meal ever, but it was still delicious. I got a little too complacent and I could not be bothered walking anymore on the streets with little messy fish, so i just stopped at the little restaurant closest to where I started to feel tired.
I am glad that i am staying in the one spot for a week or more, because I am really getting a better idea of the area, and I have time to have slow and lazy days.

After lunch we went out to the beach. Little messyfish ran and ran and ran. I wet my pants trying to keep up with him. He refused to walk back, so I carried him, and he fell asleep on my shoulder. He slept for 3 hours, I did a quick sketch and had a nice unrushed shower. When he woke up, I initiated a conversation with him about what he was eating. I was concerned that he was choosing foods that were not giving him the nutrients that his body needed. He ate a bread roll, half and apple and a spoonful of yoghurt. It was still not good, but better than what he has been eating. We then had a really great walk to the night market. It was stall after stall of the same crappy jewellery and cheap toys. Little messyfish LOVED it!! Then he saw kids running around out the front of the Ho Chi Mihn official looking building. There was a large public space of pillars, stairs and loads of concrete. He ran and ran and ran. We both had loads of fun. No motorbikes, no cars, and a well lit area where he could be free. I feel we are both getting the hang of this life and our rythmns are starting to form. We then walked back to the western market to get some breakfast stuff. Little messyfish bought another trumpet toy. We are now back in our hotel room. The alley is rocking. Its friday night in Nha Trang, and travellers are playing loud music and getting drunk on their balconies. What fun!"
After our cycle ride in saigon, I was hesitant to catch another cyclo. In hindsight, I could have done this much more, and the stress of walking the streets with little messyfish may have been reduced (however, it may have also gone up, because sitting in an open seat in vietnamese traffic at the mercy of the rider pushing from behind is fun, yet scary).

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