Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vietnam (19) Day 16 (12.2.2012)

The fruit stall selling to tourists downstairs and around the corner from our hotel. I protested that the prices were so high, and in saigon it was half the price. They would say yes, but always cheaper in saigon. Hmmmmm really?

"10 am. awake, had muselix for breakfast. Yuk. Dont think ill have that again, unless I cant be bothered going out one night, and I am starving. Little messyfish ate oreo's again for breakfast. Its a big worry for me. I get that the sugar stimulates his appetite, but then he also doesnt feel like anything healthy after that. I wish I could find some good food for him. I want him to eat vegetables and fruit and wholegrains and good protein. Anyhow, its a quality problem really. So today? what to do? beach? Pagoda? Not sure. I do know that I want tea, but I dont want to pay d50,000 for it. Maybe I could find iced tea? We dont need to go to the western market today. I want it to be a cheap day and save some money. I still have the pagoda, Waterfalls, Cham ruins to do. Perhaps 1 more week here? Things I really want to do, Hoi An (two weeks), Hue (two weeks), Hanoi (2 weeks) Luang Prabang (two weeks). Time left, 2 1/2 months. 10 weeks. Its ok if I stay here. The weather is great. Its easy to get around. Do I want to see Monkey Island and Doc let beach? I want to find Long Thanh Gallery.
A fruit shop a little further away from our hotel, with better fruit and better prices

I shopped here often. the choices changed daily.
accommodation 250,000
lunch 25,000
water 14,000
rambutans 30,000
mango 16,000
tea and ice-cream 45,000
380,000 which is about $17.05

Rambutans sold on the branches still. Cheap and plentiful in Nha Trang.

My Gratitude List:
  • a clean hotel room, made up daily
  • cheap fruit just around the corner
  • delicious street food
  • beach
  • flat screen tv with cartoon channels
  • airconditioner
  • cheap room with 2 big beds and balcony
  • lots of things to do, waterparks, pagodas, markets etc
  • affordable
  • interesting outside
  • footpath to walk
  • my art materials
  • skyping Mr messyfish
  • wireless internet
  • the western food market
  • kindle app for books
  • the artists way

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