Tuesday, October 02, 2012

exploring close to home

with 100 acres to explore, we don't need to leave home much

colours and art materials in abundance

battery operated bubble guns for extra bubbly goodness 

snail love has us reading snail books, keeping them long term as pets in the house and exploring all things mollusc

warm days mean drawing and spending more time outside in our yard 


Jo said...

That's a whole load of colouring pens! lol! Isn't it fab the weather is getting better - i'm so happy it's sunny today!

Threads of Conscience Press said...

A lovely life filed with creative adventures :-) Thanks for sharing...It's wonderful to read your blog and be taken on a journey, much appreciation'

Julie said...

Watching you raise your son, makes me exceedingly happy I am raising my second set of kids in my home...my grandchildren! Our colored pens/pencils/scissors/glue stick/etc. area looks very much the same as at your house! I am run out of my house from all the art stuff!!! :)

BTW...all the wisdom/sense that I have after having already raised kids, you seem to have already! You are a great Mom!