Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Waterholes in the Australian Bush

Loads of people in Australia live near the beach. But no trees for shade, no water dragons, no platypus, dragon flies and lyre birds? Hmmmmm and all that noisy wave business. I love the quiet waterholes in the bush. We are so blessed to have one on the property that we live. Im going to get a giant tube to go floating on it this summer. In the meantime, we dig, sketch, observe, listen, picnic and rest at our "river".


Jo said...

Haha! Sorry, but i'm a beach lover! Although I do love bush waterholes too! In Boulder I had to make do with waterholes and rivers.....I guess it wasn't so bad! You are lucky you have one on your property, for sure!

Luscious Lea said...

I've lived in a couple of places that have beach and bush water holes. Unfortunately, the place where we're living now there are salt water crocs at both the beach and the water holes!

Julie said...

It is idyllic, for sure!