Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vietnam (21) Day 18 (14.2.2012)

Woke up to Mr messyfish's lovely valentines message. Little messy fish found a cafe he was happy to sit in, and ordered eegs on toast AND ate 4 of them. Big happy smiles and relief from muma messy fish. I even got the cleaners of the hotel to hand me a bunch of soap and toilet paper. Happy days!
Last nights delicious meal has me going. I can not wait to go back there again tonight. Little messy fish and I have agreed to "be nice" to each other. I have reminded him that we are on the same team here, and I am hear to help him do what he wants. He decided that he doesnt want to go to the beach today at 10am, so we are staying in the hotel and watching tv. I am going to try and sort out train tickets. The hotel says that they can buy them for me for 10,000 dong. That is awesome, and saves me a taxi fare to the station, and also it is easier to talk to the woman at the desk of the hotel, than try and sort it out at a busy train station whilst keeping my eye on little messy fish. what a relief! Ive also learnt that I can get a train station transfer at the other end, in Danang direct to my homestay in Hoi An, via private car. So all in all, things are looking up, and getting better for us! I am believing that we are being looked after and everything is alignment. I am happy! Now to work out which train ticket to buy..... Thank god for the web site "seat66".
Making decisions is hard for me, but I need to remember that what ever I do, it will be ok. If we get on the train at midnight again it could be hard for us to stay awake until we board. But the advantage is that we arrive at our destination in the morning which is good. That would be the SE6. The SE2 is out, no way am I getting on a train at 2:36 am! The SE4 is possible. It would mean we wake up very early and be on the train all day. hmmmmmm, not so good. The SE8 is totally possible. We get on the train at 1:30 pm. Have a play, read, sleep, then get off at midnight. That could be hard, but with a private car picking us up, that IS possible. OK, its decided then. I am very excited.  I will book the SE8 Nha Trang to Danang, soft sleeper. One and a half tickets costs $40 (little messyfish is half price, but gets a whole sleeper seat/bed just like mine) We booked lower berth, rather than upper berth,( as it will be safer for little messyfish on the bottom bunk), at the hotel lobby on the way out to lunch.

We got back from lunch and our train tickets were waiting for us! How fantastic. I love this "yes" country, we "can" do that for you. And it only cost and extra 50c for the convenience. I read the ticket to make sure everything is in order. Yes it is! But....Oh dear...the seats are number 1 and 2, does this mean we are on the end of the carriage? This could be a big problem. We could be near the dunny. 12 hours of dunny smell. Oh no! If it is, then we are flying the next leg. I will buy some air freshner for the trip. I sit in my new found anxiety (but of course I was to find something else to worry about right?) and let little messyfish watch a zillion Tom and jerry cartoons on TV.

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