Thursday, February 23, 2012

vietnam (28) Day 26 (23.2.2012)

This is taken in the street outside our homestay in HoiAn
from my journal:

  1. slice very thinly frozen beef fillet and add to soup with broccoli and stock
  2. slice tofu into squares and fry till brown in oil then add eschallot, oil, tomatoe, pepper, fish sauce and sugar
  3. smash garlic in wooden mortar and pestle. put oil and eschallot in pan, add sliced beans and carrots and gailan with some pork stock 9little white grains)
  4. secret noodles from down the street, a speciality of hoian flat like fettucini noodles that are yellow with peanuts and chilli
Day 3 at the home stay." Loc Phat Homestay" Wow! What a relief to be out of a hotel and out of a city! What insanity that was. I was so tempted to smoke. So strange but I woke up this morning and there is an amazing fog over everything. Its cool and quiet and i am soooooooo glad i dont need a bunger first thing in the morning! Last nights dinner was delicious and it was very nice to be part of a group, sharing and eating. I want a rich and full family life in my home. I need more freinds to visit and invite to be at our house.
Linh just finished sweeping the street. I wondered how the street looked so neat! The dogs all wander around and share the street space. i love my view. i want to keep drawing right now, but I also want to get to the market early this morning for some vegetables and eggs and tofu and fish. Its not even 8am and I can hear the kids signing at school already. I can see when one has a culture where there are not resourses in abundance why working and paying for a good school is preferable. Smoky strong smells waft.
the view from the little balcony at Loc Phat Hoi An Homestay was of the neighbours vegetable gardens and their little houses. i would sit for hours and sketch and write and watch their daily life

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