Friday, February 24, 2012

Vietnam (29) Day 27 (24.2.2012)

I would sit on the step downstairs and draw the garden. This is the pond. Whilst little messyfish hunted for snails and opened up seed pods and explored.
Fourth day of our homestay. Sitting on the little balcony. Little messy fish is watching Tom and Jerry on the cable TV. Me a little diarrhoea, struggling top up load videos to "you tube", uncomfortable in this chair, have a hot tea, want a shower, want to draw, feel like a month is not much and 3 months is too short and that I am running away from home. I plonked at the juice stand after carrying little messyfish through the traffic. I was exhausted and sore. Met Santi who was also sitting there. Its nice to be around like minded people. He is staying at Linh's sisters house and was invited to dinner tonight by her, so I will catch up with him there too. Its so isolating back home. Little messyfish is sick too and wants and needs to rest. I also will need to find something for him to do. He asked about going to city centre. But that is in Nha Trang. I need to find him a park or playground or something. I want to take him fishing on a boat and to the pottery village. I look forward to looking around. We have been here 4 days and seen only 2 streets and the market. Little messy fish has now voluntarily left the TVand is playing in the garden with the fish pond. He wants me to help, so see you later quiet calm balcony!

I was going to keep a list of everything that i was spending. We dont have much money and it was important that i did not run up a bill at the homestay that i could not afford. I stopped keeping track after a while. Things became quiet regular and I was just repeating myself.

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