Saturday, February 25, 2012

vietnam (30) day 28 (25.2.2012)

the entrance to the local market called ba le market near the homestay

always motorbikes everywhere, even on the walk to the local market and inside the market, just as we would see trolleys in our markets

Pho, Bahn mi, juices and probably a whole lot of other things available from this little patch of cement at the entrance of the market

little messyfih would munch on crushed ice whilst i had juices and coffees. he didnt want anything else. i was happy because it meant that he would sit whilst I consumed my beverage and could look around and see the daily life going on around me.

Is it really day 5? Little messyfish is still sick so we took it easy. Went to the local market for sugar cane juice, coffee and lunch. I am still not happy about lunch. I couldn't really eat it. It is a local market and the food is for the workers. Its not very good quality and I was not really able to work out what I was eating.

I do love the chewy deep fried buns i bought at the market though! Them and coffee would do me for breakfast. The problem is that we are not always up early enough to get to the hustle and bustle of the morning market and by the time we get there, the seller 9who is squatting on the side of the walking street with a bag of these goodies) is not always there. I did find that going to the market in the middle of the day when a lot of the vendors were not open and resting in the hammocks was much better for little messy fish. it was cool today, so we could easily do that. Our walk in the afternoon to the bakery in search of sliced bread meant we got closer to Hoi An town. There were tailor shops, clothes being made, and lantern making workshops. I think I could walk further with little messyfish tomorrow and ask again about the bike I want to hire so we can get around. I am very eager to get little messyfish on the back of it and go exploring with him. Walking with him is not getting me to the places I want to explore, and its not possible to catch a taxi from the homestay as I dont have a phone or any way of communicating its location. The homestay hosts are at work all day, and it has not occurred to me yet that i could ask the cleaner or a neighbour to call!

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