Monday, February 27, 2012

Vietnam (32) day 30 (27.2.2012)

Good morning. whoooooaaaazer! Little messyfish is eating oreo's again. Monday morning, people everywhere making noises. Strange loud speakers, unusual Vietnamese sounding instruments (chinese music?). Just saw a snake slithering across the driveway. The french couple are ordering breakfast (baguette and fruit) from Linh and are now eating it in the garden. They moved upstairs to the deluxe room with the private bathroom. For $2 more I would too, but the shared bathroom situation actually helps me to be a bit more socialble, because I have to come out of my room and wait sometimes in the kitchen and chat whilst someone is in the bathroom. So I am slipping into a groove. The easy pace of living, wake up, our slow to get mooving groove. Our rythmn of 3 hours in the morning uninterrupted. Its cool today so far. I look forward to walking into town again. I am enjoying my balcony, writing and drawing. Oh! Thats actually a cool wind, nice one. Hope it stays cool. Little messyfish still has a cough, but he seems ok.

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I wish I took a photo of every dinner I shared at that table and wrote down the menu. The food was cooked by the homestay host, Linh and it was always delicious. I always ate too much and was feeling stuffed, because it was so delicious! I often watched her prepare it too, and so I got a free cooking class too. The guests of the homestay often joined us, and were always a pleasure to talk to. I have already forgotten names and many of the faces, unfortunately. Travellers would pass through town quickly. Stay maybe one or two days only. It was often very hectic for me, looking after little messyfish who was running up and down the hallway with the little kids who lived there. They were comfortable with their environment, but little messyfish was new to tiled hallways and marble banisters and black stair cases. The boys would play very violent and fast chasing games, and whilst little messyfish was up for it and enticed the boys to chase him, it sent me into hysteria as I would wince as he raced towards a black step I was not sure he was aware of, or turned around suddenly wacking his head against a marble pillar. I was missing the softer wood and carpet environment of home, the grassed lawns for outdoor play rather than the cement driveways, the cushion corners and beds that can be used as trampolines. Litte messyfish was very adaptable, it was me that was seeing the hard environment and not adjusting.

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