Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vietnam (33) day 31 (28.2.2012)

the bike we used whilst in Hoi An. Little messyfish was able to climb into the seat all by himself, and loved to be cycled around the town. It was all time favourite thing to do in Hoi An. I just loved seeing things by bike. Its is the perfect pace for us.

Got the bike today! Yipeeee! We went for a bike ride round the back of the homestay. Rice paddies, water buffalo, geese, chickens, vegetale gardens, freindly kids, mountain vista's. Felt like its a place in which i could live. After a week of cafe sua da, sugar cane juice, baguettes, mango smoothies, cua lau noodles, mad and crazy interesting markets, pizza, chips, icecreams it would be easy to live here. Even Linh says I can get a visa extension, where I dont need to leave Vietnam and come back in again like I though I had to do. The only reason for going home at this stage is to see Marc. "To keep my man" hahahahaha. What an easy life right now. The hardest thing is negotiating the roads and bargaining at the markets. Exploring just a small section of hoi An at a time suits me well. Yesterday we caught a cab to town and walked to An Hoi Islet where Little messyfish played with the little kids in the streets. I much prefer the back alleys and quiet parts of town. most especially the rice paddies and farming houses. We played tag in the open area on the tip of hoi An islet. 

It was so much more relaxing on the an hoi islet, that I was able to let little messyfish wander more freely, and I was feeling like it was cool to take photos without jeopardising his safety. 

I love that life is so cheap here on an Australian income. I need a new belt, new bra. Now some clothes that fit would be nice too. Shorts and pants and tops.

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