Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vietnam (42) Day 46 (14.3.2012)

We found a playground late yesterday at Dingo deli. We had been there before, but I didnt realise there was a playground out the back. After I settle from the mornings activites, we are going there to spend as much time there as little messyfish wants. Its an amazing playspace, built from all natural materials.
I have been doing art again. This is a good sign. I get enormous relief from crating and being surrounded by colour, but I get frustrated by being interrupted.
The little balcony there is where i sit and draw and watch the locals get on with their daily life

This is the view from the balcony, across the road there is a banana tree, and behind it the mysterious well, the family in this house are so friendly and welcoming. They invited little messyfish in for a place, and their little boy played tag with little messy fish. Considering so many travellers come through this place and sit on this balcony and watch them do there day, they are very friendly indeed!

I watch from the balcony of the homestay. The mother has washed the pots. They have a well I think, beside the banana trees. They disappeared behind those trees and I can't see what goes on there. There is a still and a big pot, chickens and dirt. very rustic, kind of cool. Do able in this weather, but i wonder what its like in the rainy season? then imagine if it was cold like the southern highlands, nsw australia. Thats another thing all together!
"I loved Nha Trang and how I was there for so long I started to run into people that I knew on the street. I have high hopes of a fun weekend by the beach with the expats. The owner of Dingo Deli let me know where they all hang out and suggested that I come along. I am missing home, with its wholewheat sourdough, brown rice, vegetable curry, natural yoghurt, lego, children's books and open spaces.
days of riding to the pool, or taxi and kids club, struggling with the purchase of things from overpriced stalls. Really feeling happy with my art and its progression. Coloured pencil rendering. No rules. Organic shapes, evoke feelings. Communicating. Abstract. Constantly re evaluating my ways with little messy fish. Fighting the demons of my own childhood. Tired and needing little messyfish to do what I want sometimes and sometimes to just leave me alone. Slowly letting go of the fear of running out of food. It seems that tea and muesli and pasta and cheese can get us through a large part of the day if we don't get to the market. . i need a day at the market. A day of drawing. getting anxious about buying or getting clothes made. Loving our bike rides along the country roads and stops for ice creams, the walks in the non-motorised areas of town, especially at night time. But best of all, loving the shift in my art. The unblocking of being so stuck for so long. Doing something I am liking. Wanting to show and sell too! Looking forward to being home and having more to do with markets and local activities. I want to go camping more, and have a day once a week by the coast where i can buy bulk foods and see the sea.

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