Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vietnam (41) Day 45 (13.3.2012)

making friends with the local market workers, this woman made juices whilst looking after baby

The area immediately surrounding the home stay had houses growing herbs and vegetables

It was wonderful watching them at work, and seeing things growing

the corn plants were small when we first arrived and grew higher than our heads whilst we were still there

corn plants and a view of the home stay

Moving slowly through vietnam. Famous in the Bale Le market. Now when we walk the market, little messyfish is happy. Everyone knows him. He is singing "jingle bells" happily as we walked down to the lady we buy bananas from. The women at the market are happy to see him singing and join in. but little messyfish gets the shits. he doesn't want them singing with him. he had changed the words and it was his own words in combination with the song that made him so happy. They didn't realise this, so he was upset because they were 'wrecking" his song. The banana seller could see him getting upset and said something to the rest of the women. they all became silent, and little messy fish who was about to have a great big meltdown, calmed down. he didn't start signing again, but then he didnt punch anyone or lash out either, or throw himself on the ground in sheer frustration. The woman selling banana gave me a wink and a smile. Thank you lovely banana seller. We will keep buying our bananas from you when ever we are at your market.

The joys of staying in the one place for a long time. As we walk home from the market I notice the corn has grown higher than our heads, the dirt has sprouted seedlings. I wonder what they will be...
little messyfish and his beads. He is getting sick of mum taking photoes!

I try to think about things that little messyfish enjoys, and try to find a way to do more of that. he likes beads. He likes looking at beads. I will stop telling him "thats enough". I will let him buy as much as he wants. The message of "thats enough" going in around the things that bring us joy, robs us of the potential of how far we can take that joy. Joy has the potential to unlimited. I don't want to be the voice that stops his joy. Tomorrow we will look at beads ALL day...if that is what happens.

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A Girl in the World said...

Oh Anna spectacular, what a wonderful array of images to enjoy, and I love the accompanying stories as you share your adventures unfolding...all aspects :-)

Lil Messyfish is gorgeous, what an epic adventure for him already!

I especially love your abstract work with the words around it, LOVE IT!

I really hope you keep going with the style it is so evocative, i find that I just want to get lost in those works, they feel like an adventure and a journey in themselves :-)