Wednesday, March 21, 2012

vietnam (45) Day 52 (21.3.2012)

Nooooooooooo! We just found you, oh beautiful playground and free playspace and friendly owners and western can not be!? (the benefits of not being able to read yet....little messyfish ducks under rope and has a desperate last jump!)

I am having days where I want to go home. Where I cant stand the traffic, the lack of free spaces, the things they dont have like playgrounds and libraries. Its hot. I am over the hot. Linh has offered me the big fan. I tell her thank you, but its ok. Because it is. I dont mind the small fan. I do mind getting all sweaty and hot on the streets, running around after little messy fish. I am considering all my options.
I could go to a new hotel with air con, a pool and breakfast included. We could stay where we are, and catch a cab to the pool everyday, the price of the cab being compensated by the cheap price of the accommodation. Also I would not get so hot by having to ride my bike in the sun. I dont really want to go to another hotel. Little messyfish is in a routine here. I really like Linh, and I trust her. I dont feel so vulnerable when I have a friend I can trust to look after us if we need help/travel arrangements/good tips on finding awesome swimming pools etc! I decide that to change our air tickets will cost about $600. If we stay and spend that money on more taxi's, and spending more time at the Dingo Deli playground and eating in more comfortable restaurants, then it would be worth staying.
So we give it a go. But then one night, I drop the ipod. the screen shatters. The same day, the playground is closed indefinatly for repairs, and little messyfish asks to go home. The first time in 52 days he has said he wants to go home. Three days later we are on a plane home...
We did lots of art, but I was missing the abundance of the art and craft resources back home.

And every single toy he bought, he just HAD to bring home. I bought a great big bag just so he could fit all his toys in. he still plays with most of them. He choose them! (duh, of course) he likes them more than any toy I have ever chosen for him.

International territory. The energy changed here. Look at all that free space to play! I did notice that "childism" was rife here too. International travellers are so afraid of children, so afraid they might have to sit next to one! heeheeheeeeheee....trying being with one for 24/7 for 60 days straight!

I tried using taxi's more to make our days a little easier. It certainly felt like luxury. Little messyfish was totally down with the routine. He would run ahead and jump into them. He REALLY liked a taxi over walking. 

Our last moments in saigon airport. I found a comfy chair and we plugged in and charged the iPhone. Free WiFi. There was an 8 hour layover between domestic flight and international flight. I was very happy to sit it out in the airport. Next time (now I have the experience and a little more confidence), I would put our bags in storage again, but pull out our swimmers and take a cab to the saigon water park for a few hours. 
Fun with Mr messy fish, the day we return. Oh the space!

Oh beautiful beautiful home of ours. Little messyfish collecting kindling with dad to light a fire. It was COLD back home too...

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