Monday, March 19, 2012

vietnam (44) Day 51 (19.3.2012)

Its raining! Just as I was wishing the other day for some variety in the weather. Just got back from a mammoth walk to my favourite Cau Lau place. The place with the nicest woman in the world. who serves me and is so sweet with little messyfish. She has let me sit there in her restaurant for hours whilst little messyfish was sleeping. She even crossed the road for me and got me a coke and a chocolate bar. Little messyfish made some noodles. This place is good luck. I love this little place. The food gets nicer everythime I visit. She makes it special for me. I can tell the difference. I wonder if he knows that so many other tourists can not tell the difference. I wonder if other tourists even visit her little restaurant. Its not near any hotels, or in any guide books. I guess not.
On the way back I had a sugar cane juice, bought some eggs and bread, had a coffee. We are getting it down.
When we got back Linh, says she can have the tailor come to the house. This is good news. i was really worried about standing with my arms out, and a tape measure wrapped around me, as little messyfish takes of through a busy market. I was prepared to forego getting clothes made, despite the cheap price and high quality. I was not going to jeopardise his safety for that.
Happy days...
We are also enjoying the company of other travellers. One of the benefits of staying in a home stay that has other travellers. he is sam (from England), and Leila (from Australia)

Hoi An, has many villages. this is the fishing village where Linh was from. She told us about it,so we took a taxi there to find a restaurant. The hilarious thing about this day was that we got lost. Her brother recognised us, offered us a lift, we took it. all piled in the car and he drove about 6 doors down the road. he wasn't being a smart ass either. I think he really thought we could do with the lift. he was being kind. We all felt very silly!

finally getting into to the local market experience....trying on the hat (which is also a great basket for gathering produce in the fields, and a great fan)

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