Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vietnam (43) Day 50 (18.3.2012)

Life on the streets, wandering around, was very interesting to little messy fish. He meant that I too took notice of things  I would have ordinarily passed by. Things that were defiantly not in the guide books

hardware tools. he wanted to buy them all. I didnt see how customs would like us bring these home!~ or airport security... But in hindsight, we could have bought some of the tools, especially a trowel. would have been fun beach toys. we already new, that the plastic beach toys designed for kids broke after a second of use. These wooden and metal tools would have been much more satisfying. I will make a point of stopping here next time. maybe there is somewhere we can donate the tools when we are done. or store them for our next visit?

I am starting to get irritated by other travellers. I am craving my own space, wanting my own home.
Yesterday we into Ang Dang Beach. We cought a taxi. Linh, our home stay host ordered it and let the driver know where we were going. At first we didnt like the look of it. I didnt take a camera, because I kew I would have to leave my bag on the beach if little messyfish was going to have a swim, so I didnt take anything valuable. But, as we walked by all the little beachfront restaurants, we made it to the end one, called banyan. It was french run. The owners were super helpful with coming up with a meal that little messyfish likes. It was sausages, sliced brown bread and tomato sauce on the side. He ordered the meal three times.They charged a reasonable rate for it too. I had only a limited amount of cash on me, stuffed into my pocket on my traveller shorts that would double as swimming shorts. the money here is plastic, so I can swim with it. But it does stick together, and when I was in Nha Trang, I was not able to get it out easily and pay for things quickly before little messyfish was rushing off somewhere. Then we lazed on the day bed that was placed on the sand, ran on the beach, and drank cool drinks.
A bunch of expat kids were playing in the sand, and little messyfish joined them. They played nicely together. It was lovely. Some of the kids were the owners of Dingo deli's kids. The older kids were particularly nice to Little messy fish, who by now had become a very antagonistic "friend" to new people.
The owners began to water the garden, and little messyfish was allowed to have a go. He was also able to climb all over the bamboo furniture, and play with the pool table. He was having a great time
It was relaxing, but I was bored. I couldnt read a book, didnt have my camera to take pictures and couldn't help think that this place was a little past its hey day. In hind sight, I cant waitto get back there and eat andd rink and play. The problem was that I had no one to share my experience with. i was missing Mr messy fish. Damn. I didnt want to miss him. I wanted an adventure.
Oh no, my next thought was that the weather was flat. It was boring. A friend back home talked of the trees turning colour. That Autumn was almost there. I was missing the variety in the weather, the mists, the frosts, the rain, the drizzle. It is so often cold though. lighting the fire place is always such an orderal. there is a safey grate around the fireplace that makes it very difficult to bend down and get into the fire place to clean, and stack with wood. maybe little messyfish is old enough to remove it now? that would make things so much easier.....but i digress. I am in Vietnam, on the beach, in an open thatched hut, day bed abundant, restaurant and bar. bored.

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