Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vietnam (38) day 38 (6.3.2012)

Dingo Deli, owned by lovely Australians (from Canada), its just down the road, about 2 mins bike ride from the homestay

 fruit skewers handed out to patrons of the 5 star resort. little messyfish would ask for more and more, and they were always happy to give him some, they would even cut them up and skewer them for him especially, here I hold some for him  as he races off to kids club

The little kids pool at our 5 star hotel pool, where we now hung out during the day, just so beautiful. what luxury! we were in heaven

the view from the 5 star hotel grounds, warm salty breezy days

We had a big day at the pool! HA! We played and played in the water, and rediscovered the kids club. We rode there on the bike and back. For dinner I  had Linh's delicious fish, veg and rice. She is a very good cook, and Vietnamese food really is delicious. It was a very slow start to the day. I tried to find the bookshop first, by riding towards town, following Linh's directions, but couldn't find it, so turned around. On the way back I ventured into Dingo Deli, and to the A Mart (western style mini supermarket), to check out western imported foods. Pasta with cheese and olives would be good to buy. Maybe on the way back from the pool, I will go in and get some for little messy fish. Its one of his favourite dishes. Ive learnt that I can not do anything "quickly" with a little boy in tow. So buying the ingredients and whipping back to the homestay and putting them in the fridge, then riding to the pool would take forever. Dingo Deli, is very close to the homestay, but little messy fish once he gets inside the gate of the homestay, will not quickly hop off, come into the kitchen then hop back on the bike. As I write this, i am thinking "bloody hell, why not?'. Well, I dont know why not, I just know, that when I plan to buy food, it must be the last thing before home. That way when I get home and put it in the fridge, we can stay there for a while. Perhaps its our life in the country where once at home, we are home. An urban life style is a big change for both of us, and the going in and out, and popping of and on a bike, seemed all too hard for us back then. Now little messyfish is older, I imagine a trip back to Vietnam will be easier in many ways. He will also be familiar with the routines and the places, as we are going to follow our footsteps, and revisit the places we have already been.

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