Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Vietnam (39) day 39 (7.3.2012)

We got up and went to the pool again. On the bike ride to the coast, i stopped at a little stall that sells filled bread rolls. The bread in vietnam is the best. Its as good as anything I've ever tasted. I've been to Paris. Remembering the french colonised Vietnam somewhere way back then, luckily the french baking traditions live on. Also, the ice manufacturing plants also had something to do with the French. So i crunch on ice in my drinks and let little messyfish enjoy the ice too. Something that often can not be done in hot tropical countries. sadly. I mean SADLY! I just CAN NOT survive summer without icy drinks. If I could eat the ice in Bali, then perhaps I would go back there seeing as it is closer and my step son lives there, but its all about the ice and the street food for me. And Vietnam sure has is covered! So right there and then, the woman running the stall splits open two baguettes, fires some eggs, slices tomatoes, onions and stuffs in herbs and pours on some lush tasting brown liquid sauce. They cost 15,000 dong each. Thats 70c. They are wrapped in a tiny bit of paper, with and elastic band, then put in a plastic bag. Perfect for carrying to the pool resort in the basket of my hired bicycle. Perfect for stashing in my swimming bag and eatig beside the pool, whilst little messyfish orders his french fries. His food costs 100,000 dong. Thats about $4.60. big difference between buting food from the locals vs buying from from a multi national. Ive tried to get him to eat street food, but nope, not even the western oriented banana pancakes or deep fried sweet things.
he played for ages in the kids club with all the toys, and then with the kids in the little kids pool. especially with a little french boy in the baby pool.
This picture is so ridiculous, I just love it. here we are with the blow up duck, riding to the pool. I asked the security guard to take a picture. He was used to us rocking up on the bike for a swim, and would take care of our bike and helmets whilst we had a 'hard" day at the pool

a staff memebr spotted us looking at the fish and asked if we wanted a picture taken. She took about 10. Not one of them has us both looking at the camera at the same time!

setting up the lanterns every night for the alfresco diners
pretty pretty lanterns getting ready to hang

lanterns in the kids club room

so pretty. I just absolutely love the strings of lanterns to be found throughout Hoi An. Still patrons lye by the pool. Tables brought out for alfresco dining.

i am feeling frustrated and slightly bored now though. i feel like i need something but dont know what. I am relaxing. Life is comfortable and easy. I am not sure what to do with this feeling. I dont understand it.
Todays spend
accommodation 250,000
water 10,000
bahn mi 30,000
french fries 100,000
lollypops 5,000
mango smoothie 15,000
Pho 20,000
bread 5,000

total 435,000 dong. Thats about $20. I had some food and fruit in the fridge in the homestay that covered us for snack and breakfast. Its very cheap to live here.

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