Friday, March 29, 2013

Baking again

Quiet day baking. We have no spare cash, so frugal living is in order. I firmly believe that children are better off with home baked cakes and cookies. Children love sugar. When we are all out of cakes and cookies, little messyfish goes straight for artificially coloured lollies and additive laden store bought icecreams. Supermarket chains have palm oil in there hot cross buns. Orangutans are dying for it. Chemicals and additives are in the cookies and cakes that are bought from the shops. What the hell is 471? There are no bags of 471 in my cupboard.
At home, I use flour, sugar, butter, free range eggs, lemon, cream. Simple. Cheap. Delicious. The house smells great, maths and science lessons occurred, fine motor skills, working together, helping each other, organisation, and well most important of all... Joy, happiness and freedom to be. Now that's one important day then hey?

Lemon Sour Cream Cake


Hot Cross Buns, fruit free, peel free and raspberry (not apricot) jam glaze, for little messyfish

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Julie said...

I agree homemade MUCH better!!!!!!!!! These look devine!!!