Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saigon Zoo

 We went to the saigon Zoo on our last day. The guide books dont give it a good review. For the $1 entry fee we paid, the extensive gardens, carnival rides and amazing display of animals, I would have to say it was excellent! The lions cage design was such that if we wanted to we could have touched the lion! I guess thats why the guide books dont give it a good rewiew. Its not exactly very safe there. But after 6 weeks in Vietnam, we have become accustomed to the differences in public safety and are able to asses the situations and take personal responsibility. There were many cages that could have easily ended up with a kid inside, and some of the cages were of the old fashioned design, where the people were prioritised over the animals. We therefore were able to see the animals very well, as there were no tress, or large enclosures where we were not able to find the animal. I really loved the old style monkey cage, the fabulous snacks and meals available, seeing Zebras in real life for the first tiemever, and best of all the flamingoes. years ago Taronga Zoo in Sydney had flamingoes. they are my favourite bird. It was so lovely being able to see them again.
monkey cage

lots to climb on and space to roam

hippopotamus right there!...not a great shot, but I was keeping little messy fish safe!

not at all crowded and plently of places to sit and watch the animals

fun amusement park rides for little kids, I will be better prepared next time and allow more time for this, seeing as each ride cost 50c

my all time favourite flamingoes!
delicious snacks and cheap and delicious as always food available in shady spots under the trees


studio lolo said...

Looks like you had a lovely day at the zoo! Nice to see you. Thanks for the visit Deepa♥

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh WOW, look at that monkey house! That is grand! I think I'd like to be a monkey..... :)