Friday, May 26, 2006

Pavlova and Cakes

MMMMM, pavlova, my brother Mathews favourite

I only use happy eggs

Lemon Polenta Cake(wheat and dairy free)

Love Cakes
They are adapted from a SriLankan Love Cake recipe. I have sprinkled rose petals on top, and soaked them in a cardamom syrup. The are nutty, sweet and spicy just like love.

Lumberjack Cake ...yummy served warm with icecream and caramel sauce. It is made with fresh apples and dates.

well here it is...the cake business "fiasco and debacle" has been launched...mmmmm. The trials and tribulations are to come. I think this is a good forum to vent my frustrations and joys. I will also keep you posted on my cakes and my baking adventures....
I am currently waiting for a the go ahead on a commercial heres hoping it all goes well. It wont be long before I can increase production and start making a little money. I am currently breaking even, and finding it very stressful. I am not able to pay my personal expenses, and am thinking about taking on my brother as a business partner. He has great ideas and much more money than it will probably be a good idea. I am finding it hard to start a business with no money. I am literally going from hand to mouth. I never know whether I will be able to afford the ingredients for the next lot of cake far, however I have been looked after. Miraculosly I have paid my bills, and I have 25 kg of the finest cocoa spare!

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Sally said...

If you are available and have time (an ironic statement considering the little one and all the other amazing things you do), could you make me some love cakes for my wedding? I would love to add some gold/silver leaf on top. I will chat to you closer to the time about costs, etc. They are divine.